The Sims 4 Patch Notes

General Issues

  • The tutorial has been updated with some new tips in order to assist our new players with the basics of playing The Sims!
  • Style Influencer stay at home tasks now register as complete, when completed.
  • You can now hire a gardener if you have plants on your lot for your gardener to garden, regardless of your garden’s gardening needs.
    • Previously, if your garden was not in need, you were being incorrectly informed that you didn’t have a garden.
  • The brick01GEN wall pattern has a new name.
  • Teen interaction Mess Around should no longer duplicate itself in the interaction menu for each target location for said mess around.
  • Townie Sims are no longer glaring at each other as they pass by on the streets.
  • Sims have taken social etiquette classes, and now understand that one does not need to constantly mix drinks when hosting a party.
    • Does the concept of the entire Sims populace taking classes in social etiquette give you an Orwellian chill?
  • The tutorial's chef aspiration no longer starts your Sim with the Snob, Foodie, and Glutton traits, but instead the Slob, Perfectionist, and Foodie traits.
    • The former due to a text error.
    • The later due to the two being incompatible.
  • First Person Camera will no longer show the inside of the Sim's head when using Intel Integrated Graphics.
    • I told my mom that, she called my grandma, and said she was worried about me.
  • Ceilings should no longer look darkened, but instead lighting should be more prevalent in comparison to the location of lights in a room.
  • The Gardener Career now provides raises when the profession is maxed.
  • The With Pets, Dogs, or Cats Gallery filter now works, and will no longer break your other filters from functioning.
  • Z/X and -/+ shortcut keys will now adjust FOV in first person camera mode.
  • Exiting first person camera will no longer cause a Sims head to become stuck facing one direction.
    • Many others however are still stuck facing One Direction.
  • If you have enough traits to fill the Simology panel beyond the window height allowed by your monitors resolution, you will no longer find yourself unable to interact with the Simology panel.
  • Read full content : The Sims 4 Patch Notes, Updates ...
    • Also, your Sim is amazingly complex.
  • So, this issue has been addressed (see next bullet). However, the fix is easier to understand than the issue... but here it is as it was communicated to me:
    • Visiting a household with locks set using another household, resets the locks on returning control to the household with the locks
    • If that was not clear, just go with the fix:
      • Doors stay locked.

Non-specific pack issue

  • Randomly generated neighborhood Sims should no longer shop exclusively within the City Living and Vampires Create-a-Sim catalogs, and are more likely to have expanded their clothing opportunities to all packs you have available for them.

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