Sony Rewards, Free PSN Credits and YOU

There’s finally a reason to pay attention to the Sony Rewards program: you can now start trading in new PSN trophies for money on your PSN account. A new section of the Rewards Passes page over at the Sony Rewards website that appeared late week lists silver, gold and platinum trophies as milestones you can fulfill to earn points. Those points can in turn be redeemed for actual money on PSN. It’s not much, mind you, and the language surrounding the trophies section makes it sound unclear as to whether these rewards be earned more than once, but it’s at least something for all of those grueling hours spent trying to get jump through video game hoops. In order for the trophies to count towards the reward, however, you must be signed up for Sony Rewards and have your PlayStation account linked to it prior to earning them, so if you do decide to start farming for that sweet, sweet trophy lucre make sure to do that.

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Trophies aren’t the only means of earning more points and discounts through Rewards Passes, however. If you subscribe to four free trials on the PlayStation Network, you’ll get a 15-percent-off discount code for the PlayStation Store, and you can also earn extra points for renting or purchasing movies from the PlayStation Store. If you have physical Sony movie discs in your collection, you can even register five of them to receive a free digital movie.

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