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Few franchises include both games that were among the most iconic and the most controversial games ever and Call of Duty is one of them. When the first Call of Duty came around, it was nothing short of revolutionary and it redefined the FPS genre. And now, 15 years and 15 games later, we thought it was about time to compile a comprehensive list of all the Call of Duty games ever made.


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The fourth Call of Duty game made by Infinity Ward that takes place in a modern setting, Ghosts was Modern Warfare 4 in everything but name. It does go further into the future and the sci-fi aspects previously explored in Black Ops II, though, hinting at what the future holds for the series.

Ghosts introduces a whole new cast of characters, and perhaps the most notable addition to the single-player campaign is the ability to control an animal – a trained German Shepherd named Riley. The multiplayer brings destructible environments, some new game modes, and the usual optimization, but remains mostly unchanged from the previous installments.

Ghosts was the first Call of Duty game to be released both the 7th and 8th generation consoles, and it was also the second and last Call of Duty game available for the Wii U. Naturally, it was released for Windows as well.

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